Welcome to the San River Valley!

For many years I have been travelling with my kayak on different waters. During my kayak trips  I discovered that it is a great way to reduce the daily stress.

I dreamt to share my passion with others so I started my own  kayak rental business. During four years of company’s existence I gained the knowledge and experience necessary to arrange kayaking trips.

I operate mainly on the San River  from Zwierzyń to Przemyœśl with a length of 155 km  Look here! The  area is covered by The Natura 2000 Program founded  to protect the areas of rare species of fauna & flora and beautiful  landscapes as well. Look here!

I have high-quality  polyethylene kayaks  manufactured by a recognized Perception kayaking company that always provide comfort and safety during the tours. Look here!

The kayak rental is located in Sanok  at Białogórska Street ( the car park beside the bridge that leads to the open-air museum) opposite  Bona Hotel , Look here!.

Open from Monday to Sunday between 9 am and 5 pm

We provide return transport to start area.